Love A Pug Necklace


Give this charming Pug charm Necklace designed as a present for any occasion. It's individual, handmade and extremely cute!

This pretty nostalgic necklace features a collection of incredibly detailed charms on a silver plated chain.

This pretty design is a classic and can be worn by young and old alike, it is totally timeless.

This necklace would make a perfect gift for the person who loves dogs, pugs in particular or just likes cute!

The necklace is all handmade in Cornwall.

When you receive the little package you can see all the time and effort it has taken to create this bespoke gift. It is so lovely to give something which is hand made than mass produced.

made from:

The necklace is silver plated . The charms are made from Tibetan Silver.


The necklace is 46cm long end to end.

The little charms are approx 1.5 cm- 2.2cm

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