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Have you seen our new jewellery designs? January 13 2016

We are launching an exciting range of new jewellery to start 2016 off.  If you haven't had the chance yet then pop over here to see whats new 

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Skull necklaces now released and looking good. September 23 2014

Just released is the start of our new necklace collections for men and women.  This is the skull necklace that can be personalised with two vintage styled letter charms.

The necklace is a designed skull on a leather 'chain'.  All our products are tested for how they will work in the real world and the lobster clasp holds the necklace securely.

So here you go, check it out it will make a perfect gift for someone you know or to treat yourself!

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Six new exciting jewellery designs just released. September 19 2014

The summer just keeps on going and thats great news - long may it last.  This hasn't stopped us thinking about the run up to Christmas and we have a lot of new designs in the pipeline to be released over the next couple of months.

To get the ball rolling we have just popped 6 new designs onto our website and we hope you like them.  If you do or don't please let us know!


Abstract Flower Brooch - £25

View it here. 

Contemporary Shell And Pearl Brooch - £25

View it here.

Contemporary Fish Brooch - £25

View it here.

Filigree Flower Brooch -£25

View it here.

Lots Of Little Birds Brooch - £20

View it here.

Silver Little Bird Brooch - £20

View it here.

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A new style of jewelry photography from our studio in Cornwall. July 22 2014

Most of us are trying to cope with the scorching summer we are having and Cornwall is no different.  In fact its inspiring us to get out of our studio and into the garden - to do some photography work of course!!

We are experimenting with a new style of photography by using instagram and trying to grow our followers across all of our social media sites and we love images so here we go.

One of our most popular lines is the Ski, Surf and Sail Sports bracelets for women and men. Ski surf and sail sports bracelet Ski surf and sail sports bracelet[/caption]

Whether you are sitting astride a snow-covered mountain, clinging to a catamaran, skiing moguls, loving university life, cycling the in the woods, or just enjoy being a little different to the rest, this bracelets is for you.

Designed for both men and women, this is a high quality band bracelet inspired by the love of sport, these wrist bands are well-designed, tough, reliable and tactile.

These bands are so on trend for the outdoor life and festival season, they are able to cope with anything that Mother Nature sends your way. If you adore the great outdoors these are for you.

Another of our popular bracelets is the Bolo Leather Bracelet.

Leather plaited bolo bracelet

Designed for men this is a bracelet of high quality plaited bolo leather with stainless steel side clasps and can be worn casual or for more formal events and makes the perfect gift for all occasions.

This bracelet has been created to ensure the bracelet sits well, does not pinch, feels good and wears well and is available in a brown or black leather colour.  The leather used is sourced from Egypt, India, Italy and Texas USA, with cow hide, calf leather and lambskin most commonly used and the clasps are stainless steel made in Germany and some specialist Chinese companies. The high grade stainless steel used is 316L grade which is most commonly used in jewellery and watch manufacturing.

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5 New Necklaces by Zamsoe April 24 2014

We realised that we had lots of brooches and we are been asked for more sets and collections of jewelry.  So we have started to release a number of products to compliment the other jewelry ranges.

Here are five new necklaces that we hope you like and remember to have a look at a brooch to match! Click on the links here to view the jewelry: Love a Pug Neklace.  Zamsoe personalised peace dove necklace. Wild Swimming in Cornwall

Love a Pug Neklace Love a Pug Necklace

Zamsoe personalised peace dove necklace. Zamsoe Personalised peace dove necklace.

Kitch Make Do and Mend Necklace Kitch Make Do and Mend Necklace

Sewing Bee Necklace Sewing Bee Necklace

Wild Swimming in Cornwall Necklace Wild Swimming in Cornwall Necklace

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